Presentations & Workshops

Positive Discipline: An approach to help parents and teachers understand purpose of children’s behavior and how to encourage appropriate and adaptive skills. Workshops can be designed for small or large groups and can be organized in a way to accommodate your topics of interest/setting. Specific topics can be addressed based on parents’ specific needs, however, examples of some available presentations include:

  • Building understanding of children’s (mis)behavior
  • Working through children’s (mis)behavior part 1/part 2

Other specific parenting topics can inlcude:

  • Family relationships
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Difficulty with chores or homework
  • Difficulty following rules
  • Temper tantrums


For professionals working in patient care (e.g. physicians, pharmacists, nurses, etc.), I offer presentations related to enhancing your basic listening skills, risk assessment skills, and empathic problem solving. Presentations can also be created to address relevant clinical issues related to particular psychological or social phenomenon.  Examples of presentations include:

  • Understanding psychopathology in children
  • Basic skills training: Are you really listening to your patients?
  • Improving medication compliance
  • Managing burn out through self care